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Let the porn stars be your teachers

Did you ever think about the source that can be the best for you to find out some crucial information about the porn industry? Maybe you have researched the Internet to find some information about how to become a porn star, and you’ve probably found a wonderful story about many porn actresses. Every porn actor or actress has its own story and experience about how they came into contact with pornography industry and how they got their first role. However, any porn star can testify about certain facts which are very characteristic for all those who intend to try this business. To help those who want to start their porn career, experienced and well-known porn stars made a short film on how to become a porn star. In this film you can hear practical advice and warnings that can certainly be useful if you want to do this job. However, the film which appeared is an excellent example of good advice that may be of interest to those who are not involved in pornography, but just enjoy the performance of those who have dedicated their lives to the exciting recordings.

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Tips and testimony of known stars

Some actors who participated in the making of this short, but the very authentic film are Asa Akira, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Mick Blue, Danny Wylde and some others. The way in which the actors and actresses shared their thoughts with the audience is very interesting. They take turns in the story that follows the concept from the beginning to the end. Some pose questions, others suit, while third provide more information. This venture represents their very cute way to fully evoke what they do and what is in fact their business and their life.

Porn actors explain for those who wish to become part of the porn machinery the best way how to get their first roles. Even at the beginning they point out that the decision to enter into a pornographic production is one and only, because it tracks the entire life of the participants. Once the decision is made to shoot the first scene, that is the moment when you can confidently know that your decision will have consequences which will stay like they are for whole your life. This decision affects not only you, but also the surrounding people, who are your relatives, your friends and lifetime companions. Those who still wish to accept this job need to be sure and aware of other things and rules that apply in this vast community.

How to start?

The main advice that comes from the famous porn achievement connoisseurs relates to the contract. Be sure that those who want to sail in these dangerous waters must send their application in various agencies. With the application is generally required to send and naked photos. However, all these are very insignificant technical things to the signing of the contract with a pornographic house. For this reason, the stars recommend their future colleagues to read the contract very carefully, consult if they are able with the lawyer and try to change the terms of the contract if they do not like the same. Like all others, so the contracts with pornographic productions are subject to change and it is advisable to take care of what you sign. The contract generally defines earnings of each actor, so you need to try to get better conditions and higher wages.

In their film, famous porn stars draw attention to future performers that recording porn movies do not have to be their only source of income. Anyone who is in business may also seek an added source of income very successful through participation in live chats, which can improve your budget. Also, one of the most successful ways for extra money is to publish your website, through which you can earn significant. In addition, each actor or actress can handle very well in business modeling, followed by appearances in the framework of some specific TV programs and so on. However, all porn stars know very well that shooting porn is not an activity that is very constant and which can engage in perpetuity. Precisely for this reason, all suggest that you should be more advanced, educated and choose another area of ​​interest that could be of your interest after you finish your career in pornography. Savings is something that is very advisable to have in this business, because different problems can prevent you to have regular earnings, such as disease, injury, or anything that separates you from the possibility to take part in front of the cameras.

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Protection and your rights

There are some specific things that stars want to draw attention to, such like protection from infectious diseases. Everyone is responsible for the preservation of health. All those who take part in these performances are required to regularly inspect and check their health status. But in addition to these responsibilities, they have a right to know what is the healthy state of their partners that will take part in the scenes on the set. All the stars recommend that everyone cares about both his, or her, and on somebody else’s health, because it is the only way that the entire community is protected and stay healthy.

In the end, the stars recommend you on how to set up to your employer. It is absolutely the right of each participant to choose any scene to shoot. What you do not want to do, feel free to say. Each actor or actress has the right to form a list of things they do not want to do. Employers and colleagues are required to adhere to that list and to respect it.

This movie is a porn star appeal to all those who are beginning to work, to pay attention to health and take into account what to do or not to do. It is a clear message that health always comes first, and that the entire industry and pornographic community takes care of it with special intention.

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