Pornography as a prerequisite for success

Many of us do not know that pornography is one of the main motivators and the reasons for the emergence of various technical achievements. The pornography production stands in the background of many beautiful things that have happened in the world. At the very beginning of 1990’s, the advocates of sexual content take a bigger share in what is called the development of new technologies. It is enough to look at the development of only some important achievements and to understand how we got the good stuff, thanks to porn.

e-commerce example

What is it that makes the difference?

It’s very simple, the development of pornography conditioned the development of other wonderful things that we enjoy today.
Since the 1990’s we bask in the E-commerce sites. If we told you that the first E-commerce site was launched for the purpose of selling softcore porn content, will you understand the connection between porn and today’s easygoing ways of payment that saves time and energy to everyone? The first e-commerce site launched Danni Ashe and only after ten years, he had his company with $8 million profit per annum and had many employees. Today we pay our bills online, buy anything we want on the internet and have more free time available.
If you enjoy while watching some online content and realize that fast streaming video is the real thing that makes you happy, be sure that the stream was created thanks to the needs of the porn industry. From 1994 we have full right to enjoy in the achievements of a Dutch porn company. For their own purposes, the Red Light District company has developed this type of presentation that today we can really enjoy.


What else came with porn to our lives?

It is not easy, even just to enumerate all the good things that have become part of our life lately. Is the porn industry really so useful? How to anybody, it all depends on world view. You cannot deny that we all in some way tasted chat with webcams. Maybe it was the chat with the family members or friends, but webcams experienced a rise thanks to the need to make contact between the user and beautiful porn models.
Along with all the above mentioned items before this, here arrived the bandwidth. Development of bandwidth is not something that had a direct relationship with sex, but it certainly had something to do with the need to have a perfect Internet connection and everything that has to do with it.
In addition to everything we have already stated, the development of pornography conditioned the development of Bulleting board systems. These are in fact the local online communities and they came in line with pornography.

More good things to enjoy

Development of subtitles and closed captioning is something else that is characterized as an item that has experienced the rise due to the development of pornography. Perhaps it sounds strange and amazing, because you are going to wonder what would something like this could mean in pornography? No, we do not mean on subtitles for movies that are used as a way of translating, but the true and living subtitles. When we say this, we mean primarily the needs of the user. Many users want to have, in some way, the answers to some of their comments. What just happened here is the development of software that would be a cheap option for automatic answer. The software is enabled to take on some of the issues and gives a minimum response. In this way the customers were satisfied and felt much more intimate. This is precisely the reason why the subtitles and closed captioning achieved great success.
Microfiche is another remarkable achievement. This term refers to the system libraries and is a way to monitor and periodically archive content. Such achievement is something really extraordinary, because it has applications in many fields, not only in pornography. If you think about it, thanks to the porn industry need one had a task monitor data, which is possible that in other areas of the data warehouse. This system is ideal primarily for record keeping, and this is precisely the reason why is popular and how it managed to win many users.

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You know the things that we do not know much

When you mention a digital camera, we all know what it is, and how many good things it brought to our lives. What is really certain, the development of digital cameras has achieved great success thanks to the pornographic industry. Digital photos are really something that has become very important in this area, so it is clear why the development of this category went with accelerated rates.
Do you have cable television in your home? If you do not have yet, be sure that you would love to have it as soon as you can. Believe it or not, just porn content and its presentation are the main cause of the appearance of cable TV. It is because porn has also increased the number of subscribers, so that was the way how development started.
After all, thanks to the fans of pornography, there was the emergence of new VCR. What was the reason for this? It’s simple, all those who watch porn like to be alone in the moments when they have to satisfy their curiosity. This is really simple, but certainly correct conclusion. Consider just a little bit how you would feel to be forced to watch a porn movie in the cinema? It is certainly not what people want, and so we got our interesting VCR.

Enjoy the innovation and development

Even if you do not like pornographic content and you don’t find it popular and interesting, it is always necessary to remember how good things arise just because of porn and how they were created. Porn sites have nicely organized their work and use all the benefits that have arisen in previous years. If you realize the importance of all these innovations, you will be much easier to love porn if you have not already, or on the other side, to infinite enjoy it.

The history of masturbation

Masturbation is breaking down the limits

For years, through the history, masturbation was taboo. Men were secretly satisfying themselves, away from other people’s views, and the women were feared even to talk about it. However, the body needs are real and it is impossible to curb them. The development of pornography lead to the fact it is becoming clear that, what we have shamed of many years is actually a pleasure from which you do not need to run away. In addition, tools and toys that were used in some form for years slowly revealed their powerful side and they showed to be presented in the best light to the public.

Nude pictures and ancient dildo

Ancient dildo foundedWhat our ancestors used in the past in order to satisfy themselves secretly? According to some historical data of thousands of years ago, ancient dildos were in use. It is believed that even ancient people used the tools for pleasure. Are we too much different from them? With the same needs and desires, and with some technical modifications, it seems that we have not gone too far from our historical roots. Since 5th century BCE, in Greece, you could find something like dildos and at that time this case was called an olisbos. This great innovation could be purchased only at the port of Miletus. Such tools have started to be massively used, because women during the wars were lonely and began to spend time with improvised penis which they popularly called Carl.
The first nude pictures throughout history have appeared also in this age of cavemen and it is clear that they are this way of expressing their sexuality. These images have been found in caves in Spain, but also in other European countries. For them, it is clear that sex is a topic they wanted to tell us story about.

Development of sexuality and naughty thoughts

Sexuality and EgyptThe first sexual guide was called The Art of Love. This guide was written by Philaenis of Samos, a beautiful courtesan who was brave and strong to speak loudly about this topic. She shared her opinion and her knowledge with many people and this was one very important step to receive the thought about masturbation as something natural and normal in our life. An interesting fact is that the guidance is written in the third century BC.
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were much involved in the development of sexuality and love arts? This country is among those countries that had some guides too. Those guides were the main inspiration for poet named Ovid, who was inspired to write about some naughty things.
The development of sexual ability and skills led to the development of some different approaches in the field of sexual achievements. All men have always enjoyed the times when women take off clothes. It is obvious that this is something what has fueled the imagination of the masses. At the moment when some companies first emerged stockings, these games have become almost a favorite in society, and the inspiration for a long and exhaustive masturbation.
Is a strip one of the main stimulators when it comes to men? Do women enjoy while watching this performance? The ancient Sumerians believed in the story, according to which one of their goddesses passed through the seven gates of the underworld and at every gate was leaving one part of her clothing. Sex appeal in the very act of challenging the removal of clothes and is something that is certainly a strong motivating factor in these games.

Media Development of pornography

Elsartorio movie 1907'Pornography could be inspiring to those who wanted some beautiful moments of masturbation in the event that there was no media development of this form of entertainment. It is logical that pornographic content was something that was originally started in a porno magazine. Do you know when the first porno magazine was published? The first nude photographs have appeared in 1880s. They were unique, yet inexpensive form of entertainment for those who secretly wished to see the beauty in courageous girls in front of them. Their sensibility, and natural beauty are facts that served as some of the main drivers of naughty thoughts of those who were obsessed with these photographs.

The first porn film in its original form was El Sartorio which was filmed in Argentina 1900 years. The Dutch were one of the leading nations that have adopted porn and rapidly started developing a pornographic film production.

All that has preceded today’s invention in the form of porn sites is considered to be a great inspiration for those who enjoyed the masturbation. Finally came first porn site called Sex, which was the invention of Gary Kremen and revived in 1994. From that moment the mass production of porn sites is starting and on the one hand, these sites were the source of income for those who were engaged in the production, while on the other aspect they are the source of satisfaction for all those who enjoy such content.

What is the next thing will serve as an inspiration?

The first adult website ownerAre the porn sites the last destination that awaits us in the series of those that have alternated over the generations? Is masturbation something that has led to breaking down the limits and prejudices? Hard to say. Porn sites, as we know them today, are really the culmination of sexual performance, something that for centuries developed and upgraded.
Would we be able in the future to have something that will stage our new inspiration in our boring lives? Given that the world is developing and perfecting, it is not impossible to find again some immensely talented man or woman, with a great idea, who will change our expectations and shake the roots of everything that we have so far considered superior achievement. Thanks to technical innovations and achievements in the field of internet, it really would not be surprising that one day we get at the disposal of the capsule in which we can go inside and where we can meet with our favorite porn star in a new, virtual world.


adult websites are dangerous ?

Pornography is really only for adults!

Pornographic content is something that all adult people really love so much, but it is definitely not suitable for children. Porn is for adults only and so it should stay. However, the question is how to protect children from pornography? Are children exposed to the dangers that lurk on the internet and how to disable them to meet such content when there is no one to supervise them?

How to get known your own child?

If parents want to protect their child, first of all they have to know the wishes their child have. They need to know about his fears and the environment. Parents are the best friends of their children, and it is necessary to understand that children are always attracted with unknown and mysterious things. If their parents better explain them these mysterious things, children will be less curious and will less seek answers on the Internet, because Mom and Dad know the best. In this way you will reduce the curiosity of your children. Your guide will serve them through life like an indispensable guide to help them follow the right path and realize what is right for their age. Talk with your children, support them and explain that if their friends are doing something, it does not always have to be something that is really good. Communication with the child definitely has to be at a high level. Only when you are confident and you believe your child, you can move on and think about additional ways of protection.

Do parents protect their child from adult websites?

Good news from the producers of pornographic films

All those who enjoy watching porn and besides that they have children, have many solutions available and at their disposal. Of course, these solutions are valid and recommended even for those who do not watch porn, but still want to protect their children. However, don’t we all sometimes look over porn scene and enjoy the sights that spread our room while we have passionate moments on our screen? Most porn sites offer a solution for all concerned parents, and these are programs for monitoring children and limiting the use of certain web pages.

The best known programs for protection

If you didn’t know how to control the content on your computer, here you can read more about the opportunities offered as a solution.
For the safety of your children and control access to the Internet it is possible to install AVG Family Safety software, which will help you keep track of your children at a time when perhaps you are not at home or even you are not in their room. This program allows users to control video content and notifies parents via email or SMS if they open some sites that you don’t want children to see. This program allows control of social network usage and can serve as a filter for the entire network.
Another well-known and effective program to control the activities of your children is McAfee Family Protection. This site has an impact on the control of even 35 categories, so it is one of the ideal solutions for all your problems. Porn movies will be automatically blocked and e-mails and posts will be under surveillance. Although there are some functions which are limited, this program has many satisfied customers.

Other popular solutions

Among the popular programs to control the behavior of children on the Internet, Net Nanny certainly occupies a high place. This program is well-known among many users of porno sites. It presents an amicable solution for all concerned parents, and it is highly functional. This software works in a very clever way because it allows selective separation of pages within the site. It is very resistant to hacker attacks, so you do not have to worry about how it will work if your protection tool comes into the question if your children are educated and technically face with problems like small professionals.
adult searchesFrom Norton here comes a super solution for the care of children. This manufacturer has launched to the market Norton Online Family Premier, which can provide control on multiple computers simultaneously. In particular, you will be satisfied how it is monitoring instant messaging. All abuse will be reported to you by email, so you do not have to worry about whether your child watches porn or misusing internet access via social networks.
Safe Eyes is another in a series of successful assistants in your struggle for the safety of your children. Its effectiveness lies in the fact it controls both porn movies that can be found on porn sites and naughty content from YouTube clips. In addition, every time your child publish any information to the public, you will be alerted. That way you can keep track of your child’s behavior and control of all the posts.

How to choose the best solution?

We cannot tell you in advance what is the best solution for your protection. To decide properly, which program you want to use for protection of your loved children, you need to be familiar with each of them and well acquainted. Read about their characteristics on the sites of producers, find out what is standing in reviews of existing users and find out what interests you. If this is not enough to select a program you want to use, you can opt to use several of them in different periods of time and eventually hold the one that suits you best.
Porn is for adults only. Do not allow content that relaxes you and pleases you to be a problem for your children. It is important to take care and be responsible. Make sure that your children watch a program that is suitable for their age, and yet afford yourself the pleasure that you need so much. Great choice of software is the right solution and is certainly an important step in ensuring a healthy atmosphere in your home. Be invisible guide to nice manners of your loved ones and enabled them to grow up with adequate facilities.

Adult biz is changing the web

Porn is changing the Web

Impact of porn sites is extremely high. Porn is changing the world, because more and more people use the benefits of these sites. However, despite the fact that in this way porn change and reshape the world and the consciousness of people, there are also changes to the Web. Some of these changes affect very positively on the entire internet network and improve service quality. Others can slow you down and hinder, which certainly is not pleasant. One thing is certain, the impacts of changes on the Web cannot be avoided and we just have to adjust to the virtual world that is moving every day.

Good things that make us happy

Development of pornographic industry has had a major impact on the development of online payment systems. Establishing a stable system of payment, which keeps the user’s identity safe, is one of the fundamental strengths. Large sums of money are transferred through the online system, all thanks to increased consumption of online porn services. Such a pleasure is available to us thanks to Jeff Bezos and Richard Gordon. Gordon was the inventor of Electronic Card Systems and thanks to this we now have developed e-commerce.

Be sure to enjoy many other good things that make you feel happy. Streaming content is one of them. Believe it or not, the streaming has first started with using exactly the online porn contents in the first half of 2001. In addition to online streaming, thanks to positive changes on the Web, users can also enjoy Live chat. Certainly this is one of the favorite activities of all porn sites lovers, as you will agree, live contacts are something that we are all interesting in.

Live adult cams sites are changing the webWe still enjoy the changes

Broadband connections are something that is absolute improvement. How the porn industry influenced the development of these items? Simply, as we had the situation of growing interest in quality porn pictures on the net, developing of broadband came as something expected. In addition, there was one more improvement and that is traffic optimization. Long before the appearance of affiliate programs and Google Adsense, porn sites have found a way to increase traffic to the site that they wanted to be seen and visited. Sharing links to other sites on already existing and well-known porn sites, contributed to the increase of movement on the Internet. Attendance of pages has grown, so the porn sites can be considered like the originators of the successful sharing of content on the web.

What we also enjoy, thanks to porn industry are 3G Mobile Services. These services have gained importance in 2005 when the popularity of Jenna Jameson was at its peak, and when everyone wanted to have the device in their pocket, which will take them to the desired goal. Wireless porn content is something that now we can enjoy without interference, but in addition we can enjoy in so desirable one-on-one video chat using our smart phone. Such innovation is certainly important and the question is how much we would be still waiting on 3G technology if there were no porn movies and beautiful porn star to start first steps leading to this innovation.

Not everything is perfect

The development of pornography industry was not such that all the happenings on the web do perfectly. What is most annoying, and makes users and all of us nervous are spams. We cannot say that the porn industry invent spam, but some of its activities indicated to many people how spams may be significant for specific user groups. The pornographic industry access to its users was such that they were getting a bunch of information on a daily basis about the content that they might be interesting to see. In this way the porn sites maintained the level of interest among existing customers and that served to the spammers as a unique example to make a profit. So, this is why we have also in other areas a category called spam, and that none of us likes, and from which it is very hard to get rid of.

IThe Adult Business and the Adult Chatsn addition to spam, there have emerged also malware infections. It all started as a fun, as the malware emerged as one aspect of playing online. In recent times these infections are aimed at a much greater consequences than just enjoying the time consuming and can cause problems for all users who face them. Beside these viruses, today we are faced with Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders. The consequences may be taking control over the browser and this is something that certainly nobody likes. Additional bad thing that accompanies the benefits of which we spoke, is browser hijacking by which hijackers earn large sums of money. Then came the problem with Domain-Name Hijacking. Simply, hijackers live from attacking other people’s sites and downloading them. And for all this they found inspiration in porn sites.

The struggle between good and evil always runs

All innovations have their good and bad sides. The emergence of porn sites has caused the emergence of many good and bad sides. The impact is sometimes direct, sometimes indirect, but still there. However, when we look at the ratio of good and bad, it is clear that good things are much more strongly echoed in the world from those unwanted. Beautiful things we can enjoy much more than those which are bad and against which we have everyday struggle. In any case, it is important to understand that the world is changing and that is consequently changing the things around us. Changes on the web are forcing us to change and adapt, they force us to learn more and to educate ourselves so that we can defend from unwanted effects. If nothing else, at least we are making progress of our personality to get comfortable in overcoming problems that may befall our computer and us next to it. Remember, how much you know, so much you worth. All new things you learn in life can only be of benefit, including the good and bad things caused by a pornography revolution.

indian flag

The Best Indian Adult Sites

Country of the most beautiful women

India is a country of beautiful women. Their life is devoted to family and subordinate to the strict rules under which they live and run their life. Traditional frames are an obstacle to women to express their desires and fantasies. However, those who are the bravest and most daring, able to withstand the pressure. They are clinging life in their hands, film sexy contents and make Indian porn site’s users happy, because they can enjoy their performance.

inxporn indian adult siteFree content for Indian sex lovers

One of the known sites with Indian content is Inx Porn. Here lovers of Indian films can be free to enjoy the magic of Indian girls. On this site you can look over the list of all movies at once. But you can also select Random button, which will throw you for several movies you can see. If you want to choose your favorite category, the site offers 24 different themes you can grab attention. Select your Favorites or upload your video, because this is an amateur site that every day grows and develops. This is how you can use your own opportunity to take part if you are an Indian.

The richest network and exclusive content

If you want to find satisfaction in just a network of Indian films, it is desirable to visit Masti network. Some of the most famous sites from Indian films are just part of this network, which includes Masti Share, Masti Porn, Thiruttu Masala and Sex Z World. As the concept of the work of all sites in this network is very similar, you can enjoy movies for free. If you want to enjoy a live chat with one of the girls, you still need to think about how to join and pay for private hang out variant. On these sites you can view videos, but also a large collection of photos. The division is also content by categories, and you can find members of the community that can be interesting.

One great empire of pornIndianPornVideos indian adult tube

The Indians have their empire of amateur porn. If you visit Indian Porn Videos, you can expect some interesting home movies. Here you may also find a list of porn sites from which this site takes over the films in the joint contents. This is how you will get another considerable list of websites that you can visit, and among them you will see Indian Movies Online, Free Sexy Indians and Desi Kahani. Here you can enjoy movies that are divided into different categories, and you can also upload your video. Live Cams is a standard option you will love, and in addition have a variety of other opportunities for socializing, such as Phone Sex.

A great choice is a big advantage

When we speak about Indian porn sites, we can say that there are many of them of high quality and great content. In each of them you can find something interesting and worth attention, you only need to watch carefully. The approach is similar like the one that sites from other countries have. Some sites you can also use free of charge while others have the price you need to pay. Among the top Indian sites we can certainly extract also Indian Tube X, then X Videos Indian, together with Sex With Indian or Indian Gilma. Among the top ten of the Indian sites there is also Z Sex Tube. If you look a little cheese list, be sure you will be able to find your favorite place for a wonderful and exciting moment. Get your special girls for your private live chat or just relax while watching some video. Indian porn content is something you will adore, just check out some of the sites.

Rich Pornstars in the adult biz

The 10 Richest Female Porn Stars of 2014/2015

The Richest Female Porn Stars

As we used to, every year porn star followers publish a list of the richest, and if judging by the thickness of their wallet, probably the most popular porn stars. Their wealth is measured in millions Sasha-Grey-best-adult-actressof dollars, and it’s so tempting for a moment, that maybe those who read the news about them may want to become part of the pornography industry. However, it is not easy to gain millions. It takes a lot of luck and work to make dreams of riches become a reality, though more important is that the actress carries something special that will stand out from the others and help her to become a mega star that the world will love.

The last but not the least

At last, tenth place, there is a beautiful Sunny Leone, a woman who is part of a big scene in Bollywood, and who enjoy the attention that she gets every day from her caring husband. With a car that she got this year as a gift from her husband, tenth place in the world, and $1.5 in the account come as another recognition of her importance in the world of pornography. Immediately in front of her in ninth place is Gianna Michaels, attractive winner of many awards in this field. The actress now has a $2 million on her bank account.

Two more start are streaming to the top

The next star that we can divide from the others for her wealth of $3 million is a specific and identifiable Sasha Grey. This beauty is the dream of many men and stands for the sexual Rockstar. For her, there is no forbidden zone and her lithe body is twisting in front of the camera. Just look at her beautiful eyes and you will understand why exactly she is on the top 10 list. Just a little richer than Sasha is Jenna Haze, who has $3.5 million and an unusual naughty beauty. Although she is no longer engaged in filming porn, she is one of the most award-winning actress in the porn world.

The way to the top

TeraPatrick one of the most rich adult actress in the adult biz.

TeraPatrick Adult Actress

For those who are particularly fond of blondes with gentle face and a deadly look, a special joy makes the news that the sixth place among the richest and most popular porn actress belongs to Bree Olson. This girl is actually a precursor of cute and sometimes silly Brett Rossi, who is now with Charlie Sheen. Judging by the beauty of both girls, we can say that Charlie has a very good taste when it comes to women, the only thing which is now different is that in the past he was with one of the richest porn stars in the world. In front of this exotic blonde, we have one Japanese girl. Maria Takagi was able to reach the fifth place and to become a part of the list of top 10 richest female porn stars, which is very unusual for girls who come from eastern countries. In any case, her specific beauty has helped that this enchanting Japanese woman with the seductive eyes is one of the most desirable. In fourth place is the multi talented Traci Lords. She started her career very early, when she had only 15 years, so she started to earn money very early. The actress stands for a very complex and controversial woman and her past is very exciting. Besides being maintained as an actress, she is also engaged in singing, and she is successful in the business of film production. She recently wrote her autobiography and so her fortune, which is $7 million, has reached this value thanks to the engagement in many areas.

They come after the number one

Now we come to the most exciting part, and the top 3 list. For those who follow the porno scene, it is not strange if we say that third place still holds fantastic blonde Jesse Jane. Her wealth is $8 million. Much of the revenue she has, Jesse provided by shooting porn movies, but she is also actively engaged in writing a column, and she took part in some well-known TV shows. Beside all of that, she also has her own line of sex toys, so that is also another source of income. Her personality is really extraordinarily and special, because she resembles a Barbie doll. This blonde captivates with her appearance and is unattainable dream for many men around the world.

Compared to last year’s list, nothing has changed when it comes to the number-two on the world list of famous porn star. Fortune of $15 million belongs to Tera Patric. This spectacular brunette has a fantastic body and seductive curves that are her main advantages. This beautiful brunette is actively participating in various TV and radio shows and she publishes original work as an author. She has successfully dealt with the modeling, so she has multiple sources of income. Her wealth is greatly larger than the wealth of porn stars that are behind her on the list, so it is unlikely that some colleagues will soon exceed the amount of money in Tera’s bank account.

Jenna Jameson the richest adult actress in the world.

Jenna Jameson world most known adult star.

Who is the winner?

What you probably expect is that no change in the first place. With a fantastic $30 million of wealth, Jenna Jameson is still in first place. Her wealth is twice greater than the wealth of runners Tera Patric, so this fiery blonde threats to be at the top of the list for a long time, unless something really unexpected happens. Although she stopped shooting porn movies, very often lately people are talking about her big return. Whether her return will bring her even more glory or not, it remains to see in the future. One thing is certain, this magical woman who was proclaimed as Queen of porn, certainly deserves to be in the place where she is now.

During the following year porn stars will compete and race to earn more money and to win our hearts. We are left to follow their work and to enjoy in everything what they have to show us until the next year.

most searched adult queries in california

Which are the horniest country in the world?!?

The importance of porn in today’s time

The significance of pornography and its impact on the daily lives of ordinary citizens who have a healthy sex life and a steady job is great. Indeed, it is very small percentage of those people who never allow themselves to look at some porn movie, in case when they live in the countries where the porn is legal and is not culturally prohibited.

In some countries the perception of life is different and more conservative, so the thought of porn is not well received. On the other hand, in countries where these sites are legitimate, we all can see a growing number of satisfied customers.

Top 10 horniest countriesLast 10 within the list of 20 countries

Setting the host domain in a country from which some porn will be promoted is not dependent on the location of the domain owner. Domains are for sale to anyone who can pay them, so each country makes its own decision where to search for a domain on which will put the content on the Internet.

Last 5 countries, in the top 20 list, according to the research of Paul Walsh, in the total have a little more than 3,200 host domains. Walsh’s studies are the most reliable, because his company collects information to administer and unify them. The smallest number of hosting is represented in Poland, something more in Hungary, and this number increases slightly as we go along, so this paper discusses countries such as Russia, Belgium and Switzerland.

Next quintet, which together has more than 4,600 domains, are Austria and Bahamas in front of her, then as we go ahead there is Spain and Taiwan among which is the dead heat, and the eleventh is the Ukraine.

Pornhub adult keywords datasThe last country on the top 10 list

On the top 10 list of hosting countries the last is the Czech Republic with almost 1.4 million pages. This land is allocated to tenth place because it has a pretty good pornography basis and liberal views on the recording of porn films. Immediately in front of it, we have a small country, the British Virgin Islands. More precisely, these are islands of which many of us might not have had the opportunity to hear if there was not a strong pornographic production and host domains that present the lovely nude pictures and interesting videos. These islands have similar number of domains as well as their follower.

Place number 8 occupies Australia with close to 2 million pages. This isolated continent obviously knows how to satisfy primarily its residents, and also the masses and crowd all over the world. With 2.2 million pages in seventh place is Japan. Although it may seem that Japan is a conservative country that bases its development on traditional values and strict discipline, their technical achievements and broad view of the world have caused the emergence of many porn sites. Hot girls from Japan are very much in demand on stage as special and different. But, one important fact is also that the Japanese artists are making Hentai movies that enjoyed great popularity.

Road to the Top

If you are wondering where is Canada in this story, the answer is simple. The country occupies the sixth place with over 2.3 million pages. Liberal attitudes have contributed to this country to host many of the requested sites.

On-site number 5 we notice more than significant jump in the number of domains. France is a country that has more than twice the domains compared to Canada, so that’s why one can find more than 5.5 million pages on this place.

Although the following country has a high technical achievement and a highly developed consciousness of the nation, Germany is, with 8.2 million pages, only in fourth place. This is not because of the fact Germans do not like to make and watch porn, but the fact that in this country rules are by very strict and law about pornography is very strong.

North America porn k-words chartLast countdown

If we know that the world has so many porn sites, but only few of them are found in the already mentioned sum, it is clear that the first three places have a very high share of the world porn scene.

Third place belongs to the United Kingdom. If this country is compared to Germany, jump in the number of pages is almost 6.5 times higher. The UK has over 52 million pages, and they are all hosted on over 512,000 domains.

Second place belongs to a small country that is very strong in renting domains for pornographic content. This is the Netherlands. If we consider that this country has only 17 million citizens, and over 187 million pages, the first question we ask ourselves is how many domains actually comes per capita? Or maybe an even better question is how big is income per capita from renting domain? In any case, the Netherlands stands proudly in second place.

The winner arrived

Are porn connoisseurs needed to say who took the first place? Probably not, but for those who are not very familiar with the topic we should definitely point out the winner. The absolute record in the number of adult sites and domains in the world is the United States of America. With nearly 4,200,000 domains and nearly 430 million pages with pornographic content, USA is a giant in the promoting pornography.

The rapid development of this industry leads to frequent changes, and we cannot say with certainty how much longer will US hold first place so firmly. Maybe in the future people will turn to some different content, such as Asian girls, Japanese girls, and that might have an influence to the future changes. The current situation is very stable and higher than expected. By the following list we all enjoy what we can find on their domains and hope that next year we will get films. United States of America have set the highest standards in the porn industry, and these are not elusive, but are certainly hard to trace. Judging by this fact, very difficult struggle for other countries in this market is yet to come.

Sasha Grey famous actress

Sasha Grey as inspiration

Every porn star is looking for inspiration among her predecessors. New hopes for pornographic productions look up to successful stars who have already made impressive careers. For many of them, Sasha Grey is the inspiration. She is successful, well known and loved. Sasha is a specific and recognizable. This is probably the reason why many innovative porn stars want to go in her footsteps. Some of them have already become recognizable by the fact that in something they are similar to this beautiful girl, but we still cannot say with certainty who will be the next Sasha Grey.

If we talk about some of her colleagues who already have a career, we may seek her successor only in terms of presence on social networks, because Sasha is the undisputed ruler of the realm of online publication. Some of her colleagues are on track to achieve her glory on the social networks, the only question is who will be the first to succeed in this, and whether will succeed.

Redheads followers

April Flores is one of the girls who would probably want to go footsteps of Sasha Grey when we speak about Internet presence. This is a porn star who falls into the plus-size porn stars, primarily because she has large breasts, and she belongs to the group of BBW. However, if you think better, this girl with her body does not look like a beautiful Sasha Grey, so it’s questionable how she will have similar success. But on the Internet she is really active.
Another beauty with fiery hair, Joanna Angel, may seem worthy to make a career that will be memorable. Does she look like a star already mentioned? However, these girls both belong to the group of Burning Angel girls and they are both very active online.

Brunettes on the track of success

Sasha Grey Actress

Sasha Grey Actress

The very interesting girl is April O’Neil, the winner of AVN awards named Twitter Queen, which she received from her fans who stubbornly follow this beauty over the social networks, especially on Tweeter. She has already achieved a glory of porn star and is very well received among other stars. Due to her engagement in social networks and innovation that she introduced into the world of pornography, this star could possibly be the next Sasha Grey in some areas.
Veruca James is a cute brunette who said that she is the one who like to be naked in public. This is also the name of her a serial show. This girl is very educated, but still does porn. After some of her attitudes and achievements, it looks like a worthy rival to all the girls who would be in the bar at something they want to be like a big star. When we add her presence on social networks, she is well on track to achieve worldwide fame.

Beautiful blondes

If you like blondes, you will be pleased to hear that the choice of potential successor of Sasha Grey came with magnificent Kayden Kross, girl with a pretty face and even prettier smile. She is active on Twitter. In addition, she writes a column for a long time. However, this is not an area in which this beauty is going to stop. She largely wrote her autobiography in which we will be able to find out all about her life in the period that includes her work in the porn industry.
Sure, you will like the next girl. Who is that one? That is Jessie Andrews. This blonde was awarded the AVN Award for Best Actress in 2012 pornographers know her name very well, but also her fans know her for being active on her Tumblr page. In addition, the beautiful Jessie has over 160,000 fans on her Twitter account. What has she done to be so special? Probably the fact that she is very close to the fan club was the main reason of her success. She regularly brings to her page professional photographers, but also sexy selfies. There is no doubt that this girl is really something special.

Very famous stars sometimes face like Sasha Grey

april oneil star

April O’Neil Adult Actress

Sometimes we cannot talk about the successor, because most of these girls that we mentioned above have already built their careers. But can they reach Sasha Grey in her social engagement? Probably the best known only they can do that.
If you look at the actress Asa Akira, we simply cannot talk about being a follower of somebody else. However, she is compared to a colleague for the reason of having a large number of followers on social networks. She has over 400,000 fans, which is really a fascinating number. It is not worth talking about her achievements, because everyone who even once looked at some porn movie on the Internet, for sure know how Asa Akira is worth and what is her status in the world of sex magic.
Next to her, another star is compared to Sasha Grey, and that’s Stoya. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful girls on the scene. She is very successful and truly world famous. She is equally active both on Tweeter and Instagram. Every day she set selfies and provocative photos. Can we make a comparison between her and Sasha? Of course, they both are really fascinating.

Virtual race continues

When we take a closer look around us, we realize that the presence on social networks is really one of the very essential items for all porn stars. People just like when they are close to the actors. They love to hear their opinion, but also to share their own. They want to see new photos, to enjoy the shared thoughts. Social networks are a way to reach the hearts of loyal fans and this is the reason why the virtual race continues. It is a race that started and there is no visible end, it takes the victims every day. The goal is the same, as many fans the stars can get. But this goal seems unattainable, because the numbers grow from day to day. Stars follow one another, catching up and passing, while we continue to enjoy their movies and naked bodies on fresh pictures.


google adult research

All funny things that you didn’t know about porn!

Porn world represents a separate world that lives on the Internet. Porn facilities occupy more and more websites. Films in which the seductive beauty culminates satisfaction share with us all their intimate secrets.

We all follow what is happening in the world of the porn industry, but sometimes we are not even aware of what is hidden behind the camera and what kind of information we can find on the Internet that might be very interesting to read about.

Research in the porn world and men

There are many agencies that are engaged in research in the porn world. Data which agencies collected can be very interesting, furthermore, can be funny and make us have a nice smile on our face.
If you are wondering what are the habits of men in their free time, you can almost be sure that most of them are looking at porn. But what is going on while the men are on their job and while they are working? It is very interesting that technical considerations may show that almost all watch porn movies in offices. Maybe it’s happening on the breaks or in a spare moment, but it certainly happens. However, only 20% of men want to admit they use the Internet at work to increase their enjoyment while they have alternating images of naked women in front of their eyes. Others do not want to admit to dealing with these little enjoyment, but be sure that they’re just not stating the truth.

Top 3 Search Terms for adult

Where and when you watch porn?

Over 60% of porn sites are emitted from the USA, so this country is absolute recorder in this area. However, even among the United States of America, there are differences. According to research, we can tell that the country in which Americans are the most watching porn is Utah. This country has a very large number of daily openings with these types of content and of porn sites and represents a true miracle.
If we look at the days of the week when people watch porn, according to all the polls that are conducted so far, it’s definitely Sunday. The reason for this is probably a surplus of free time, feeling bored and having unfulfilled days. Sunday is a favorite day for these activities. Sunday is kind of a quiet day when something interesting happens rarely. For this reason, people are looking for additional entertainment, and the best place for that is exactly Internet. However, the fact that Sunday is a favorite day to watch porn does not mean that these films are not being watched on another 6 days in a week. On the contrary, other days are by the number of hits very close to Sunday indeed.
And when people do not watch porn movies? Given the fact that Americans overwhelmingly consume pornography, it is logical that the least watch of porn movies is in the days when they have holidays. Americans, mostly do not watch porn content for Christmas and of course for Thanksgiving, because both holidays are family days when they cannot have a lot of privacy. These are the days when families gather and spend time together talking, socializing and having lavish feasts. At such moments it is not expected that many people are thinking about the pleasures they could get from porn.

Numerical indicators for porn

usaflagDo you know how many websites exist on the internet? As much as one tries to find a model from which you can recalculate this number, you probably will not succeed if you are just an ordinary person. But, thanks to those who follow the statistics, we can say that there are over 200 million and the number is constantly increasing.
An interesting fact is that over 10% of websites in the world are in fact porn sites. And the more important is that the number of porn sites is not in compliance with this percentage, because the percentage and the real number of beneficiaries of porn sites is much higher. Every second, about 30,000 people watch porn sites on the Internet. If you know how long the day is, and how many users a day alternate the sites, it really is amazing how many people daily look at some porn movies.
We certainly know that porn site brings cash income to their owners. But do you know how much money is actually being spent on watching porn? Every second, over $ 3,000 is spent on viewing porn content, which is really fascinating information. We know that every day has 86,400 seconds, so we can easily recalculate how big the global daily income of porn is in reality. In one day, from watching porn sites, the average income is nearly $ 260 million. Are you able to imagine this fact, even before you actually read this? Probably you have not.

Fun at every turn

It is certainly clear that pornography is a favorite form of entertainment at any time and at any place. Everybody likes to watch porn movies. Whether you’re happily married, in a passionate relationship or you are lonely, this is the type of content that can certainly attract attention and engage at least a portion of your free time.

usa adult search

The porn production in recent years has become so great that you can enjoy in all categories and all kinds of sex on the internet. It is enough to make a wish, to type in your browser what you want to find and what you love, and in the blink of an eye your favorite content can be there in front of you, on your screen.

Do not be shy and tense, all people on the Earth enjoy this form of entertainment. Relax and allow yourself the enjoyment worth of mentioning. Just think that you can feel as good as all the other users, and you are already halfway experiencing many unforgettable experiences. Surrender to the magic and let your senses come alive. You will feel something really special, because the virtual world represents a tremendous achievement, and immense satisfaction.

Cameron Diaz Actress

Celebs who took part in porn movies! Incredible…

Porn celebrities – can you believe?


Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor – Politic Man

Every successful actor, musician or other celebrity has had a definite past, like all people. Some of the actors have a life that is pure and without stain on the pages of their past. Some, however, are not so neat and don’t have clean life, because they were ready to allow themselves the luxury. Some of them have recorded movies that at some stage helped them to become famous. Some celebrities did that just to have some fun.

Do you believe that there are many celebrities who began their career shooting porn scene? Believe it or not, you may read the names of those celebrities in the following lines. There you can find some celebrities you love and who you are watching very often. If you want to know who are the ones who started their career with porn films, read the next few rows and enjoy the new findings.

Goons in the porn world

It is said that one of the celebrities who has just found his beginnings in the porn industry was exactly mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger. This famous actor does not like to talk much about his past, but some evidence said that he once posed naked at the beginning of his career. The journalists did not dare to ask him many questions about this. You will agree, even on the first look this man looks awesome and his strength can freak everyone.

When we are speaking about power, there is another actor who can boast his appearance and the muscles, but can also be proud of the role where he played one guy called Stud. In this role, the famous actor Sylvester Stallone played a very strange sex role and only after that we had the chance to see him in the famous and world-known movies Rambo and Rocky.

They are so cute

Do you believe that the beautiful Cameron Diaz has found her beginnings exactly in the porn industry? This cute actress, before becoming famous, starred in a soft-core film. No, this what you are reading is not a lie, but the real truth. There are many things that a hundred well-known stars did to pave their way to glory. It is fortunate that this beauty has managed to break through in a different way to good Holywood roles, because somehow she seems very innocent and chaste. The role of a porn star is probably not something in what she could well befall.
Do you remember the beautiful Jaime Pressley, who starred in Poison Ivy 3? Whether her role in this film could be considered pornography? In a milder sense of the word we can say that this is a soft-core porno. Some say the film is by its contents erotic thriller, but if you look closely you will agree that the elements of porn performance here are certainly present.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz – Actress

We all know the movie Game of Thrones. Did you look at this movie so far? If not, be sure to check, because there in the movie plays a beautiful actress Sibel Kekilli. Do you like her? If you like this actress, we can recommend films in which you can find her. On the other hand, if you didn’t like her in this particular movie, maybe she will have better luck if you come to search for her past. Beautiful Sibel in the past was a German porn star, so we strongly recommend that you take a closer look and explore her past, because we are sure that you will definitely be satisfied.

Handsome guys in porn accomplishments

When we say David Duchovny, what first comes to our mind is his famous role in the cult series The X-Files. From this series, we remember him as a very dedicated man, who is engaged in research. But, if we look a different side of his acting, like for example the series Californication, it will not surprise us that he was an actor in one of the soft-core porn series, The Red Shoe Diaries. He was not filming porn scenes here, but he had a strange role in which he was sending sexy letters to the people.
Together with David Duchovny in the eponymous series, appearing of handsome Matt Leblanc can surprise us. His role was pretty much like the one David had, just he was on the opposite side of the line.
Jon Hamm is another in the line that had something to do with pornography. He was not filming a porn scene, but has worked as a set dresser in the past.

Years of Glory

Some people say that and Dame Helen Mirren had some roles that were of a pornographic nature. This is still not proven and seems a bit confusing, because when you look at her, you could never say that she was part of such games.
And finally, the fabulous Jackie Chan. Do you think that this actor was filming a porn scene because he enjoyed? Realistically, it is more likely that he needed the money and it was one of the main reasons why this somewhat crazy actor dealt with pornography.

The truth can be sometimes difficult

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan – Actor

For some of these actors, who carry the burden on their shoulders, that can be sometimes too hard. For some it is just an endless source of entertainment and pleasure, because all they did was by their will.
What we can do now is to think how it would be that some of them remained in the sphere of pornography and continued to engage in these recordings? You must admit, sounds tempting, for both men and women.
If you do like everything that you have read about here, you can sit down and try to find some of the mentioned movies or series. Maybe in this way you will find some specific moment that you like. In any case, you should never forget that the true porn stars are more special. Do not ignore their status and their value, because porn stars are stars that still shine strongest on our sky.