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Which are the horniest country in the world?!?

The importance of porn in today’s time

The significance of pornography and its impact on the daily lives of ordinary citizens who have a healthy sex life and a steady job is great. Indeed, it is very small percentage of those people who never allow themselves to look at some porn movie, in case when they live in the countries where the porn is legal and is not culturally prohibited.

In some countries the perception of life is different and more conservative, so the thought of porn is not well received. On the other hand, in countries where these sites are legitimate, we all can see a growing number of satisfied customers.

Top 10 horniest countriesLast 10 within the list of 20 countries

Setting the host domain in a country from which some porn will be promoted is not dependent on the location of the domain owner. Domains are for sale to anyone who can pay them, so each country makes its own decision where to search for a domain on which will put the content on the Internet.

Last 5 countries, in the top 20 list, according to the research of Paul Walsh, in the total have a little more than 3,200 host domains. Walsh’s studies are the most reliable, because his company collects information to administer and unify them. The smallest number of hosting is represented in Poland, something more in Hungary, and this number increases slightly as we go along, so this paper discusses countries such as Russia, Belgium and Switzerland.

Next quintet, which together has more than 4,600 domains, are Austria and Bahamas in front of her, then as we go ahead there is Spain and Taiwan among which is the dead heat, and the eleventh is the Ukraine.

Pornhub adult keywords datasThe last country on the top 10 list

On the top 10 list of hosting countries the last is the Czech Republic with almost 1.4 million pages. This land is allocated to tenth place because it has a pretty good pornography basis and liberal views on the recording of porn films. Immediately in front of it, we have a small country, the British Virgin Islands. More precisely, these are islands of which many of us might not have had the opportunity to hear if there was not a strong pornographic production and host domains that present the lovely nude pictures and interesting videos. These islands have similar number of domains as well as their follower.

Place number 8 occupies Australia with close to 2 million pages. This isolated continent obviously knows how to satisfy primarily its residents, and also the masses and crowd all over the world. With 2.2 million pages in seventh place is Japan. Although it may seem that Japan is a conservative country that bases its development on traditional values and strict discipline, their technical achievements and broad view of the world have caused the emergence of many porn sites. Hot girls from Japan are very much in demand on stage as special and different. But, one important fact is also that the Japanese artists are making Hentai movies that enjoyed great popularity.

Road to the Top

If you are wondering where is Canada in this story, the answer is simple. The country occupies the sixth place with over 2.3 million pages. Liberal attitudes have contributed to this country to host many of the requested sites.

On-site number 5 we notice more than significant jump in the number of domains. France is a country that has more than twice the domains compared to Canada, so that’s why one can find more than 5.5 million pages on this place.

Although the following country has a high technical achievement and a highly developed consciousness of the nation, Germany is, with 8.2 million pages, only in fourth place. This is not because of the fact Germans do not like to make and watch porn, but the fact that in this country rules are by very strict and law about pornography is very strong.

North America porn k-words chartLast countdown

If we know that the world has so many porn sites, but only few of them are found in the already mentioned sum, it is clear that the first three places have a very high share of the world porn scene.

Third place belongs to the United Kingdom. If this country is compared to Germany, jump in the number of pages is almost 6.5 times higher. The UK has over 52 million pages, and they are all hosted on over 512,000 domains.

Second place belongs to a small country that is very strong in renting domains for pornographic content. This is the Netherlands. If we consider that this country has only 17 million citizens, and over 187 million pages, the first question we ask ourselves is how many domains actually comes per capita? Or maybe an even better question is how big is income per capita from renting domain? In any case, the Netherlands stands proudly in second place.

The winner arrived

Are porn connoisseurs needed to say who took the first place? Probably not, but for those who are not very familiar with the topic we should definitely point out the winner. The absolute record in the number of adult sites and domains in the world is the United States of America. With nearly 4,200,000 domains and nearly 430 million pages with pornographic content, USA is a giant in the promoting pornography.

The rapid development of this industry leads to frequent changes, and we cannot say with certainty how much longer will US hold first place so firmly. Maybe in the future people will turn to some different content, such as Asian girls, Japanese girls, and that might have an influence to the future changes. The current situation is very stable and higher than expected. By the following list we all enjoy what we can find on their domains and hope that next year we will get films. United States of America have set the highest standards in the porn industry, and these are not elusive, but are certainly hard to trace. Judging by this fact, very difficult struggle for other countries in this market is yet to come.

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