Sunny Leone Marriage Photos

Juicy details – The marriage of Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone

All the juicy details of the marriage of Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone

The guitarist of bend “The Disparrows” became real lucky just by the fact that he married one of the most popular international porn stars, beautiful Sunny Leone. Being a husband of the porn star can be incredible pleasure, but this is also a big commitment, because each star is looking to have the star treatment. Daniel Weber consistently strives to make his beautiful wife happy and satisfied.

Daniel so far made ​​several films for adults, and this was the way how he met the stunning Sunny. As a real man, he knew how to deal with this temperamental woman who rejected him many times in the beginning and did not show any interest to give him a chance. When he managed to convince her to go out for a date, he took her first and only chance to impress Sunny and to show her that he was in fact a man who is perfect for her and that he can provide her a safe and happy future. These two porn artists have been married since 2009 and during this period they passed through many different phases, survived a lot of intrigue and journalistic representations and survive together.

How is Daniel now engaged in the production, he is earning pretty good value of money, and it helps him to make his wife showered with gifts. Beside being director of production, he is also successful business manager, and you will easily guess to whom. Sunny just chose him for her manager and they do business together and work perfectly in this field. She had a starring role in his first production of accomplishing named Jackpot. The two support each other and make professional difficulties they encounter much easier. Sunny has now stopped shooting porn movies, but is working on productions with her husband. She went back under the wing of Bollywood productions and is now happily married woman.

Sunny Leone Marriage Photos

Events of 2014

Only in 2014 the couple was accompanied so much and all news was reporting about them, so this news filled the pages on the Internet at incredible speed. Sunny is working on the set of Indian films and is one of the leading stars in the world of Bollywood. Her dual role in the film Mastizaade was very successful. Producers poured her with offers, while her husband is working very hard and responds to everyone with the same care. It is certain that they have a common goal and that is to obtain the greatest possible amount of money. Of course, Daniel works very professionally and he loves his wife more than anything else in this world, because according to his words he needed only 30 seconds to fall in love with a beautiful actress. It was love at first sight, which turned into a solid and stable relationship.

In late March 2014, the public was hit by the news that Daniel and Sunny will divorce. There was talk that Sunny already filed for divorce, while she accepted to appear in reality show Sunny Ka Swayamvar and everyone wondered whether she may have found a new love. Sunny announced separation from her husband, and everything was happening at a time when Daniel worked on the film “Ragini MMS 2”. Although the film was supposed to be in the forefront, it is their private life erupted to the surface and the popularity of the Sunny was something that was most discussed. She played an amazing role in this movie and it was expected to get the focus on this story. But on the contrary, the public heard only the news of their divergence and people were interested only in the information about their marital life.

However, something very unexpected happened. Just a few days after the release of her announcement about their impending divorce, Sunny and Daniel went on a date, on which they should make the professional celebration of the success of their joint film work. That evening Sunny announces that she is hopelessly in love with her ​​husband and these cease all further intrigues and stories about their possible divorce. We were left to wonder if all that has happened was a marketing gimmick or something else entirely. In any case, the popular couple stayed together. Very soon after that, it turned out that everything was an April Fool’s joke, because it was the first of April. Their joke was the reason for the story among millions of people. They did a good job to be the in the center of the world.

Recent events

sunny leone marriageThis year, the beautiful Sunny just turned 33 years old and for the birthday from her beloved husband, she received some really wonderful gift that every woman wished to have. Emerald-diamond necklace was his choice and that was his way to show love to her rejoice choice on the day of her birth. The necklace was specially designed for her and this gift has definitely made her happy. However, this attractive woman certainly has a brain and in publicly she said to everyone that the best gift in her life is her husband. She considered him not only for her beloved husband, but also for her best friend and that is exactly what their relationship makes unbreakable.


Daniel continues to pleasantly surprise his better half. Latest news concerns his latest gift. Neither more nor less, Sunny got her special gift, Maserati car worth 50 Lakhs. He again showed his immense love and prove what he is capable to do to please her. See for yourself images of this captivating woman. She is worthy of every attention and every gift and she is happy, because despite her porn career, she managed to find her soul mate and her life partner who is able to follow her closely, to take care of her and give her immense attention. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber will continue to surprise the public and we can say that they serve as a good example of a happy couple that everyone likes and they can be a good role model how to live happier.





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