The history of masturbation

Masturbation is breaking down the limits

For years, through the history, masturbation was taboo. Men were secretly satisfying themselves, away from other people’s views, and the women were feared even to talk about it. However, the body needs are real and it is impossible to curb them. The development of pornography lead to the fact it is becoming clear that, what we have shamed of many years is actually a pleasure from which you do not need to run away. In addition, tools and toys that were used in some form for years slowly revealed their powerful side and they showed to be presented in the best light to the public.

Nude pictures and ancient dildo

Ancient dildo foundedWhat our ancestors used in the past in order to satisfy themselves secretly? According to some historical data of thousands of years ago, ancient dildos were in use. It is believed that even ancient people used the tools for pleasure. Are we too much different from them? With the same needs and desires, and with some technical modifications, it seems that we have not gone too far from our historical roots. Since 5th century BCE, in Greece, you could find something like dildos and at that time this case was called an olisbos. This great innovation could be purchased only at the port of Miletus. Such tools have started to be massively used, because women during the wars were lonely and began to spend time with improvised penis which they popularly called Carl.
The first nude pictures throughout history have appeared also in this age of cavemen and it is clear that they are this way of expressing their sexuality. These images have been found in caves in Spain, but also in other European countries. For them, it is clear that sex is a topic they wanted to tell us story about.

Development of sexuality and naughty thoughts

Sexuality and EgyptThe first sexual guide was called The Art of Love. This guide was written by Philaenis of Samos, a beautiful courtesan who was brave and strong to speak loudly about this topic. She shared her opinion and her knowledge with many people and this was one very important step to receive the thought about masturbation as something natural and normal in our life. An interesting fact is that the guidance is written in the third century BC.
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were much involved in the development of sexuality and love arts? This country is among those countries that had some guides too. Those guides were the main inspiration for poet named Ovid, who was inspired to write about some naughty things.
The development of sexual ability and skills led to the development of some different approaches in the field of sexual achievements. All men have always enjoyed the times when women take off clothes. It is obvious that this is something what has fueled the imagination of the masses. At the moment when some companies first emerged stockings, these games have become almost a favorite in society, and the inspiration for a long and exhaustive masturbation.
Is a strip one of the main stimulators when it comes to men? Do women enjoy while watching this performance? The ancient Sumerians believed in the story, according to which one of their goddesses passed through the seven gates of the underworld and at every gate was leaving one part of her clothing. Sex appeal in the very act of challenging the removal of clothes and is something that is certainly a strong motivating factor in these games.

Media Development of pornography

Elsartorio movie 1907'Pornography could be inspiring to those who wanted some beautiful moments of masturbation in the event that there was no media development of this form of entertainment. It is logical that pornographic content was something that was originally started in a porno magazine. Do you know when the first porno magazine was published? The first nude photographs have appeared in 1880s. They were unique, yet inexpensive form of entertainment for those who secretly wished to see the beauty in courageous girls in front of them. Their sensibility, and natural beauty are facts that served as some of the main drivers of naughty thoughts of those who were obsessed with these photographs.

The first porn film in its original form was El Sartorio which was filmed in Argentina 1900 years. The Dutch were one of the leading nations that have adopted porn and rapidly started developing a pornographic film production.

All that has preceded today’s invention in the form of porn sites is considered to be a great inspiration for those who enjoyed the masturbation. Finally came first porn site called Sex, which was the invention of Gary Kremen and revived in 1994. From that moment the mass production of porn sites is starting and on the one hand, these sites were the source of income for those who were engaged in the production, while on the other aspect they are the source of satisfaction for all those who enjoy such content.

What is the next thing will serve as an inspiration?

The first adult website ownerAre the porn sites the last destination that awaits us in the series of those that have alternated over the generations? Is masturbation something that has led to breaking down the limits and prejudices? Hard to say. Porn sites, as we know them today, are really the culmination of sexual performance, something that for centuries developed and upgraded.
Would we be able in the future to have something that will stage our new inspiration in our boring lives? Given that the world is developing and perfecting, it is not impossible to find again some immensely talented man or woman, with a great idea, who will change our expectations and shake the roots of everything that we have so far considered superior achievement. Thanks to technical innovations and achievements in the field of internet, it really would not be surprising that one day we get at the disposal of the capsule in which we can go inside and where we can meet with our favorite porn star in a new, virtual world.


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