Porn Stars have to wear condoms?

Pornstars Must wear Condoms?

The porn industry and problems with HIV

While the porn stars record movies, they are faced with the large risks. When we watch some porn, the things we think about are the attractive participants, great parts of the movie we can see and ravishing body of porn actresses. However, in those times we do not think about what kind of problems actresses and actors can have in their private life. The sexual act is always a potential danger to participants to be infected and get sick. Although all the actors are subjected to frequent checks and medical examinations, sometimes even that is not enough to be a firm guarantee that they are healthy and do not pose a threat to their partners.

Great pornographic productions prohibit the use of condoms when shooting movies. Viewed from the side of those who enjoy these movies, the use of condoms is not something that can increase the ratings of movies. On the contrary, the use of condoms in the porn industry could only reduce the audience and that is the reason why large houses insist that condoms are not used. However, this decision means that the cost could be very expensive, both for industry and the participants of films.

Maybe the problems with HIV even previously were something that was present among people who record such events, however, only in 2013 the problem of HIV-emerged as a hot topic in the media. It all started with the first announcing of the actress Cameron Bay and her confession. After the first recording in her life, when she filmed a scene with a dozen guys, the actress revealed that she was HIV positive. This has quite shaken the media and caused strong reactions among the public. To avoid disaster, all the actors who have been in contact with her were placed in quarantine until the final verification of their condition. After the checks, they all had negative results, so this problem was supposed to be closed and hushed up. The pornographic industry was hoping that the test results of other participants will be sufficient that this problem does not get a large scale.

Probably everything would be fine and this unfortunate event could not have made ​​a major impact on the masses, but the guy who was in a relationship with Cameron Bey released on his Twitter account that he was infected. He tried to sound brave and looked at the problem on optimistic way. Because of the fact he was infected relatively recently,  he consoled himself with the fact that the therapy will have better results. However, this could not offset the fact that Rod Daily had been already another porn star who has faced this problem.

And when the public is supposed to be quiet, the news reverberated even twice harder than the previous one. The two actors have insisted on the introduction of new legislation in the field of the pornographic industry. Cameron has already experienced on her skin that can be dangerous when not allowed to use a condom. She was conscious even in the moment of filming that she could protect herself with the condom, but she did not dare to oppose the production because she knew that she could be quickly replaced. When the fact that she was HIV positive has occurred, and when she knew she would no longer be able to shoot, she tried to resist pornographic giants in her own way, appealing to the public to do something.

The chain was growing very quickly due to the public’s news that two more actors reported that they were HIV positive too. They did not want their names to be published and they stayed anonymous, but the fact that they have expressed was something that was certainly far more important. Porn stars were desperate and appealed to the introduction of using condoms, while porn industries were thinking about some more often testing on 14 days instead of 28. Their voice was heard far away and the pornography industry was almost about to close. And despite all these developments, pornographic houses remained silent on the demands of the people. They were waiting for the situation to calm down and that eventually happened.


When we consider all that has happened in a short period of time, and then add to all of this the fact that for some time ago it became known that a porn star by the name Mr. Markus falsified medical records to be able to continue shooting despite the fact that he had syphilis, there is a need to think about what is right and what is wrong. You will agree that the disease is something that would be good only if you can somehow avoid it. But, you will certainly agree, and that the use of condoms on the set of porn films will be something that viewers would not like. And while leaving everyone to have their own subjective view and opinion, we remain with the wishes that the treatment of those who are infected will be successful and effective, because sometimes people are not aware of the things that can happen to them in life. When some of them could get the time back to the past, it would certainly be the way to do something in a different way, to get them happier and safer. And if that was possible, the fear will be something what is just not justified.

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