Sasha Grey famous actress

Sasha Grey as inspiration

Every porn star is looking for inspiration among her predecessors. New hopes for pornographic productions look up to successful stars who have already made impressive careers. For many of them, Sasha Grey is the inspiration. She is successful, well known and loved. Sasha is a specific and recognizable. This is probably the reason why many innovative porn stars want to go in her footsteps. Some of them have already become recognizable by the fact that in something they are similar to this beautiful girl, but we still cannot say with certainty who will be the next Sasha Grey.

If we talk about some of her colleagues who already have a career, we may seek her successor only in terms of presence on social networks, because Sasha is the undisputed ruler of the realm of online publication. Some of her colleagues are on track to achieve her glory on the social networks, the only question is who will be the first to succeed in this, and whether will succeed.

Redheads followers

April Flores is one of the girls who would probably want to go footsteps of Sasha Grey when we speak about Internet presence. This is a porn star who falls into the plus-size porn stars, primarily because she has large breasts, and she belongs to the group of BBW. However, if you think better, this girl with her body does not look like a beautiful Sasha Grey, so it’s questionable how she will have similar success. But on the Internet she is really active.
Another beauty with fiery hair, Joanna Angel, may seem worthy to make a career that will be memorable. Does she look like a star already mentioned? However, these girls both belong to the group of Burning Angel girls and they are both very active online.

Brunettes on the track of success

Sasha Grey Actress

Sasha Grey Actress

The very interesting girl is April O’Neil, the winner of AVN awards named Twitter Queen, which she received from her fans who stubbornly follow this beauty over the social networks, especially on Tweeter. She has already achieved a glory of porn star and is very well received among other stars. Due to her engagement in social networks and innovation that she introduced into the world of pornography, this star could possibly be the next Sasha Grey in some areas.
Veruca James is a cute brunette who said that she is the one who like to be naked in public. This is also the name of her a serial show. This girl is very educated, but still does porn. After some of her attitudes and achievements, it looks like a worthy rival to all the girls who would be in the bar at something they want to be like a big star. When we add her presence on social networks, she is well on track to achieve worldwide fame.

Beautiful blondes

If you like blondes, you will be pleased to hear that the choice of potential successor of Sasha Grey came with magnificent Kayden Kross, girl with a pretty face and even prettier smile. She is active on Twitter. In addition, she writes a column for a long time. However, this is not an area in which this beauty is going to stop. She largely wrote her autobiography in which we will be able to find out all about her life in the period that includes her work in the porn industry.
Sure, you will like the next girl. Who is that one? That is Jessie Andrews. This blonde was awarded the AVN Award for Best Actress in 2012 pornographers know her name very well, but also her fans know her for being active on her Tumblr page. In addition, the beautiful Jessie has over 160,000 fans on her Twitter account. What has she done to be so special? Probably the fact that she is very close to the fan club was the main reason of her success. She regularly brings to her page professional photographers, but also sexy selfies. There is no doubt that this girl is really something special.

Very famous stars sometimes face like Sasha Grey

april oneil star

April O’Neil Adult Actress

Sometimes we cannot talk about the successor, because most of these girls that we mentioned above have already built their careers. But can they reach Sasha Grey in her social engagement? Probably the best known only they can do that.
If you look at the actress Asa Akira, we simply cannot talk about being a follower of somebody else. However, she is compared to a colleague for the reason of having a large number of followers on social networks. She has over 400,000 fans, which is really a fascinating number. It is not worth talking about her achievements, because everyone who even once looked at some porn movie on the Internet, for sure know how Asa Akira is worth and what is her status in the world of sex magic.
Next to her, another star is compared to Sasha Grey, and that’s Stoya. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful girls on the scene. She is very successful and truly world famous. She is equally active both on Tweeter and Instagram. Every day she set selfies and provocative photos. Can we make a comparison between her and Sasha? Of course, they both are really fascinating.

Virtual race continues

When we take a closer look around us, we realize that the presence on social networks is really one of the very essential items for all porn stars. People just like when they are close to the actors. They love to hear their opinion, but also to share their own. They want to see new photos, to enjoy the shared thoughts. Social networks are a way to reach the hearts of loyal fans and this is the reason why the virtual race continues. It is a race that started and there is no visible end, it takes the victims every day. The goal is the same, as many fans the stars can get. But this goal seems unattainable, because the numbers grow from day to day. Stars follow one another, catching up and passing, while we continue to enjoy their movies and naked bodies on fresh pictures.


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