CharlieSheen and Brett Rossi Pornstar

Charlie Sheen and Bret Rossi in Love!

The rich and famous yearn for scandalous porn actresses

We all know the interesting and somewhat nutty Charle Sheen. We happily remember his roles and speak about them. And many of us especially like his role he had in the series Two men and a half.  Do you think about his comic scenes and the role of real seducer? But in private life this specific guy surpassed himself. This popular actor chosen for his own life partner a real porn star, beautiful Brett Rossi.

Charlie Sheen is in public is also known by many other accomplishments, starting with the film Wall Street, and through the film Platoon and others. He just continued successful footsteps of his father, actor Martin Sheen. We all know that this extravagant actor behind himself has an interesting biography, because in addition to the three ex-wives and five children, it is never boring to talk about him. His problematic life involved a problem with drink and drugs. And how he was the sex addict, there were different stories going around about him and his private life. You probably did not even dream that this man will finally settle down beside beauty like Brett is.

You will agree that this beauty, who has 25 years, certainly is a true pearl in a sea of ​​porn stars. It is no wonder  that she clouded  the mind of a man who was nearly twice years as she does. Do we have here one true love, or only a good financial combination where youth and beauty are to be paid at a very high price? Brett Rossi is doing everything to convince us that her love is true and closely keep an eye on her fiancé.

Although she really shone in 2012 and after 9 years of work she succeeds to win an absolute praise of various productions, this beautiful blonde of gentle face decided to leave her past behind, just because of Charlie Sheen and her mood to be a good housewife and mother in the future. In 2012 she got her first AVN Award as AVN Trophy Girl. In addition, she was declared as the Penthouse girl of the Month February 2012. In 2013 she was nominated twice, once for the AVN Award and the second time for the XBIZ Award. Her Girl-Girl sex scenes will be remembered by her sensuality. And after the same situation occurred in 2014, when the fame knocked on the door of her life and the name Brett Rossi got the really high value as the actress in the global pornography, she decided to quit her job and marry.Charlie Sheen and His New Lady Brett Rossi


And while the media are trying to discover as much as possible about their lives and they  secretly hope, as many of us, that we still will have a little more time to enjoy her stunning lesbian performance, Brett clearly says that she is now at the end of her porn career. She wants to be a mother. She wants to be a housewife. Her jealousy is something that she openly shows and from the moment when they announced their love, she made Charle Sheen wear an engagement ring. The end came to his mischief, this lovely porn star seduced him with her body, but with her brain and heart, she kept him in love and got deep under his skin. She decided to stop here and make peaceful harbor beside this popular actor.

After more than 50 films and world fame she gained as Brett, she finally decided to re-use her real name, which she was given at birth. Nott long time ago, she started to use her real name Scottina. But, instead of the surname Rossi, she has already widely used surname of her future husband. Now she wants to be just Scottina Sheen. Although she left porn before meeting Charlie, though he was a major turning point in her life. Their love was released publicly in Cabo, Mexico, and since then they are in the focus of the media. Then Charlie confessed to the whole world that he found the love of his life.

The public now knows that the life of Charlie Sheen is now managed by the ex-porn star. She rules his heart, his mind and, of course, money. Although Charlie does not have great support from the audience when it comes to this relationship, because his life is absolutely under the control of this beauty, he refuses to even think about this relationship. It remains to us only to guess what this girl did to make his mind to blow. We know for sure that she is absolutely gorgeous in the bed, as we have seen enough on the screen. However, it is certainly not enough as the reason to establish a total reign over the experienced man. Although still not married, she refers as Mrs. Sheen and nobody can get in her way.

The controversial actor, Charlie Sheen, has already made one fake announced that the two of them got married. This is why we will not be surprised at the moment when that actually happened. We can only wait and still have a little hope that his blonde girlfriend will be merciful to all her fans and give us some  noteworthy achievement in pornography. And if she ever wants to be back on the big screen, she will rightly take back her previous glory, as she is so special and so desired.

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