Jenna Jameson Pornstar

Who will be the successor of Jenna Jameson?

Which actress will be the next Jenna Jameson?

Every world-famous porn star has a large influence on the environments in which she operates and make movies. Even when the stars do not directly affect their new colleagues, we can see that there is a kind of some transmitted impact. New girls adopt the models of the behavior of successful predecessor and with all their heart want to achieve the glory of world famous sex symbols.
If we consider that a porn queen Jenna Jameson was the undisputed starter of a porn scene as it is known at the present time, it is logical to think about who can be her potential future successors. The circle of girls is great, but the final choice is still reduced to some who have the greatest potential to be the next that will arrive at the throne of honor.

Jenna Jameson Pornstar

Jenna Jameson

Several possible successors

As one of the possible successors there is talented Remy Lacroix. This girl has used porn scene to show us some of her talents. She has recorded in her porn scenes presentations of skillfully spinning the hula hoop in front of the camera and thus draws the attention of viewers.
Sexy Alexis Monroe is a classic blonde with distinct attributes. She is a real beauty that is cherished for centuries and is she will not allow you to forget the values that were in the past considered necessary for the success of women in the porn business. Alexis traditionally held all the values of a good porn movie.
Another beauty dangerously threatens to take the place of most wanted. The beautiful Riley Reid is a real refreshment to the porn scene. Like all members of the new generation, she spends time regularly on the social networks and hang out with her fans, which contributes her films are even more popular, and thus guarantee success.

A few unavoidable beauties

The new star of the pornographic industry, which emerged relatively recently is Staci Silverstone. She is tiny and tender. As such, she is ideal for individual roles that accompany her years and represents the ultimate discovery of a new time.
The real explosion in the world of nude actresses was Tasha Reign. This blonde was once a Playboy model, and is also presented studies at UCLA. Is she perhaps just a future successor to Queen of porn? We do not know, and attractive Tasha remains to hope that she will leave a seal similar to the largest star.

Hot beauties with sexy tattoos

In the world of the porn industry is very popular to have a tattoo. Authentic decorations on the body make the actress remains in the memory of viewers. This is why tattoos are highly desirable. Some actresses follow this model and hope that it will become recognizable.
One of them is an attractive brunette Bonnie Rotten. Tattoos cover her beautiful breasts and entire upper body. Spider webs are her trademark. This bad girl has a specific hairstyle. Her appearance radiates originality and this is exactly the reason that could bring her victory in the future.
Veruca James is one of the few porn stars who began her career making movies directly. She dealt with the work in strip clubs, but has immediately fired high, directly at the target. Her belly hides symmetrical tattoo, with smooth lines that makes this brunette very authentic. She actively cooperates with large companies like Brazzers and Burning Angel and represents a serious threat to other colleagues.
More tattoos are coming with Skin Diamond. She is controversial, specific and different. She has publicly said she is a masochist and as such is quite special. If you love porn, you just had to notice this girl, because she is something really new and worth mentioning. Even her name alludes to the appearance of her body and her skin, and as such, Skin Diamond found the perfect combination between her appearance and her name. She is truly an example of how the name can be one of the ways to succeed in the world of porn.

More successful women on the list

The beginnings in the world of webcam models brought gorgeous Lily Carter to the top lists of porn actresses. She has chosen her stage name in a very specific way. She used the name of the famous TV presenter Lynda Carter and this is how she immediately reached the ears of the crowd. With smart moves and good skills, it was easy to win the audience. She had just succeeded to do that and because of that she got very good roles in big houses such as Hustler and Naughty America.

Another blonde managed to enter the list of top 10 potential successors of Jenna Jameson. Her name is Anikka Albrite and she left a very strong impression on all viewers with something that has overshadowed many men. Her main attribute is her rounded booty. She is smart, educated and versatile woman, yet she chose to please many people with her performance.

We all yearn for a successor

Although we all love Jenna Jameson, everybody wishes to find out really soon who will be the girl named as her successor. It is not easy to outshine the beauty of so known Queen of porn. It is not easy to reach her skills. Probably this is the reason why this topic is so hot. This is a question that arises every day, because we want something new and fresh to our screens. We want to feel something that will soar us to the peak of our pleasure.
One who can conquer the world will have a great future. Will it be some of the girls from the top 10 list? Is any of them worthy to bring the title of Queen of porn? We are left to wait and cheer for the one we love most. Until then, Jenna will continue to be the undisputed star that still burns the same zeal. She will remain an eternal sex symbol that will continue to be a part of our everyday imagination and our dreams.




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